gabrielle ghatt

Cherry wasn’t one to dress up with perfumes and oils unless a mission called for it.

She never tried to make her words sound sweet outside of a job.

The truth of the matter is that beneath the feathery false flatter was a rash, outspoken woman

That was her life. Pretending to favor someone or changing to be in one’s favor, not out of malevolence, but out of necessity.

There was a masquerade ball that night. The gossip danced around the halls with every heel clicking motion.

The atmosphere was already heavy with unaddressed lies. It wouldn’t matter if a more morbid motive hid behind Cherry’s lies.

It wasn’t uncommon for one to wear two masks to a ball.



This excerpt is actually the beginning of a story that came to me but I haven’t been moved yet to complete. Let me know if you’d like me to finish this story. Contact me via my agent mom at create (at) jayjayghatt.com