From Meinsetsa‘s corpse two Gods were born.

Thenar, the Goddess of death and Narthe the God of life.

Narthe, upon seeing his father’s body, cried giant tears.

The tears fell into all the big crevices of the world and springs came to life with fresh waters.

After recovering from his sadness, Narthe buried Minsetsa’s body and held a memorial.

As he spoke his soft laments, a tree sprouted from where his father was placed in the ground.

From the tree, a great bountiful nature grew.

Life spread through the entirety of the earth and the animals roamed the earth and seas.

In hopes of comforting her brother, Thenar cut off her hair, flesh from her cheek, and the eye  which was once covering her eye. She used her magic to make a human in her image.

After that, she multiplied that humans then declared sternly:

“Man, you are inferior to us, but rule the earth.

We bless you with that gift.

Thank and praise us, for we are in control of your safety and success.” 


Reference:The Godly Domains



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