Narthe: Life, Luck, Flowers, the Sky

Thenar: Death, Souls, Deer, Shadows

Peonua: Water, Sea

Fiode: Light, the Sun, Trickery, Contracts, Mischief, Souls

Dati: Family, Bonds, Marriage, Beauty, Fire

Rewon: Love, Beauty, Gemstones, Stars, Poetry, Romance

Zeldileya: Time, Fate, Age, Crafts, Innovation

Mhivun: Logic, Wisdom, Machines, Blacksmiths

Tens: Magic, Potions, Spells, Curses

Kasaemakoora: Nature, Spring, Animals, Lakes

Serim Daloasph: monsters, Battle, Destruction, Darkness, Sicknesses and Poison, Chaos, Blood


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