sweet utopia juliet

gabrielle ghatt

chapter one

The Tragedy or Lack Thereof

...The girl woke up gasping for air. She couldn’t see. Gooey sludge of some sort surrounded her at all angles. She’d breathed on instinct at first, allowing the slimy substance to enter her lungs and coat her throat.

The girl couldn't do anything but suffocate as she slammed on a wall she couldn’t even see. She balled her hand into a fist and pounded on the wall in front of her as hard as she could. Finally, after it felt like her story was coming to an end, the wall broke, releasing her and all the sludge onto the floor below....



chapter one

What Lies Beyond the Wall

...Juliet did not feel herself settled in even after five days of being in the town. Everyone else had been there for much longer than she had. Maybe she just needed to be patient. She’d gotten a small dress from the clothing store and various skirts and jackets to help her be more comfortable, and yet she still felt that feeling of offness.

Right now she was staring at the point where the road turned to dirt and the town turned to forest. It was certainly odd. There was a street, not even a whole town, and then just nothing else.

If Juliet squinted, she could see some buildings off in the distance, but they were all overcome with greenery and almost completely rundown and destroyed....