At that point, Thenar looked so ghastly that the humans were so fearful of her that they had to obey her.

Her teeth were visible through her cheek.

When she moved swiftly, you could see the gaping hole where her eye should be, and her hair was extremely uneven.

As she traveled the lands, she would collect the wandering souls of the dead.

All of these souls were kept in a locket sewed inside of her leg.

Thenar did all this hoping to make Narthe happy over the fact that they could control of the humans.

But she was incorrect. 

The only thing that these actions did was further frighten  Narthe and make him too afraid of her.

In Narthe’s great and increasing fear, he sought out to thwart Thenar’s plans whatever they may be.

All he wanted for the humans was for them to live forever in harmony.

Narthe knew of the locket that lay buried in Thenar’s leg. So one night, he attacked her as she slept.

In his rush to escape with the souls of the dead, he accidentally cut both of her legs completely off.

Narthe fled from the scene, afraid that she would wake up and slay him.

Once he was far enough, he broke the locket, and all the souls flew out with great haste.

With no bodies of their own to occupy, they possessed the great things of nature.

The things of nature took humanlike forms, but the souls of the dead were not meant to continue on.

Some lost their humanity completely.

Some only retained some human customs, and some embraced their lack of humanity.

These creatures made of rocks, trees, animals, and lakes wreaked havoc on the lands.

As they reproduced, all sense of humanity was lost, and they simply became known as monsters.

Reference:The Godly Domains


 copyright 2020

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